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Purchasing festival, meet in September

Sep. 01, 2021

In the blink of an eye, "September 2021 Purchasing Festival", a world-renowned cross-border procurement event, opened!

Purchasing festival, meet in September

YATAI also launched a new "Super September" promotion.

Purchasing festival, meet in September

Products of this event:

Purchasing festival, meet in September

Automobile and motorcycle area hose: automobile fuel hose & diesel gasoline hose, PTFE hose, silicone hoses, automobile air conditioning hose, automobile oil cooling hose, automobile brake hose, automobile power steering hose, automobile heater hose, spiral brake hose etc.

Raw material industry management:

1. Steel wire braided hydraulic hose: EN853 1SN/2SN SAE R1 AT/R2 AT, EN 857 1SC, 2SC, SAE 100 R16, SAE 100 R5, gas hose (CNG/LPG), steam hose, high pressure cleaning hose, heat resistant Oil hose (air compressor oil hose).

2. Steel wire wound hydraulic hose: EN 856 4SP, EN 856 4SH, SAE 100 R12, R13, R15, drilling hose.

3. Fiber reinforced hydraulic hose: EN 854 1TE,, 3TE SAE 100 R6/R3, SAE R4 suction and discharge hose, nylon resin hose, air hose, air compression hose, water hose, oil hose, multifunctional chemical hose, hose, PVC plastic Industrial hose etc.

4. Hose fitting: sleeves,swaged fitting, integrated hose fitting, internal locking hose fitting, detachable hose fitting, banjo, screws, clamps, etc.

5. Adapter: DIN type,Tee adapter metric adapter, national standard, ministry standard adapter, BSP adapter,welding flange etc.  

Purchasing festival, meet in September

The event time is from August 18th to September 30th. Action is not as good as your heart. There are a lot of orders during the event, and it is easy to close the warehouse, so please hurry up and order and stock up in advance!

There are more product live broadcasts waiting for you today, so poke into the live broadcast room to have a look!


 Purchasing festival, meet in September

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