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Beyond the self, Yong pick the crown, Proleader “billboard” in 2016

May. 08, 2017

General manager alana amy ivan lotus penny sophie shuai    


Excellence in Proleader is a habit,

From personal to team, excellence is in everywhere.

These excellent people have proven with practical action,

Every diligent pay out,

Can harvest extraordinary results;

They use their talent,for the company's development,

Dedicate to their own strength. Proleader is more splendid because of them!

1. Excellent technology research and development

Only carry on the loneliness, can you keep the honor,

British Mai Si's research team through the temptation of the times,

Precipitated out of the talented scientists,

Has made outstanding contributions for the enterprise's technological innovation 

 General manager

2. Good team leading

lotus  alana penny

In the place, will seek for her jobs

Is her basic requirements for her;

Vigorous and resolute, Yingzisashuang

Is her usual work attitude;

Beyond the self, to create impressive performance

Is her persistent pursuit.

3. Champion Sales

amy   shuai ivan

Study in the customer hoses delivery solution of the election, they are filled with enthusiasm, to win the customer's trust. In Proleader, excellence is a habit as well as a belief, In 2016, Proleader elite who toward the "excellent" in this direction pay sweat and passion. A bit of hard work, a harvest. And finally in the New Year, they create a proud of the results, won the supreme praise from Proleader!

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