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Hose and Connector Type

May. 08, 2017

1, Hose and Connector Type

According to the actual needs of the hose list, select the appropriate hose model and pipe fittings model

For example: 10-2SN * 3600 (24211-06-06 / 24291-06-06)

Hose selection φ10-2SN; one end of the connector for the 24211; the other end of the 24291

2, To determine the length of the next material hose

Retention hose length: the length of the hose, including the length of the hose at both ends of the pipe joints, the actual length of the hose should be removed at both ends of the pipe part of the length.

For example: 10-2SN * 3600 hose assembly 3600mm, the actual material length = 2000-B-B

3, Cut the tube

The hose is cut to the length of the design according to its required specifications. The cutting section requires vertical, flat, and does not damage the wire layer.

4, Stripping layer

To be peeled off the rubber layer of the hose, should be based on the size of the connector and jacket at both ends of the hose outside the peeling off the length of the glue and draw the position with a marker. After stripping the steel wire can not be damaged, no wire spread phenomenon, no damage to the inner wall of the hose.

5. Mark the position of the hose into the pipe fitting

Place the hose next to the pipe joint and mark it with the insertion depth of the hose.

6, Hose into the pipe joints

Apply a little oil or lubricant to the inner core of the fitting and insert the tube into the fitting until the mark line is flush with the tail of the sleeve.

7, Angle setting

The angle of the hose assembly is only the angle of the hose assembly when the pipe joints of the two ends of the tube are both bent and not in the same direction. (The angle of the hose assembly is the angle at which the end of the curved joint is rotated in the clockwise direction to the end of the bend, which is the angle of the hose assembly.)

8, Buckle hose assembly

Select the appropriate withholding mold installed in the buckle machine, will be pressed by the pipe fittings correctly placed in the buckle mold, press the buckle switch until the mold all the buckle in the pipe joints and run to the random with the specified parameter table location. Loosen the buckle mold out of the hose assembly, check the buckle surface buckle trace is uniform, with the vernier caliper to measure whether the buckle size in the buckle size range.

9, Cleaning the hose and sealing

Hydraulic system must reach a certain degree of cleaning. The hose assembly is cleaned with an efficient and convenient pressure to clean the hose assembly. This equipment flushes the inner wall of the hose assembly with kerosene and then blows the cleaning fluid with high pressure gas and protects the cleaned hose with a sealing cap or a sealing bag Both ends of the hose assembly.

10, Pressure detection

If necessary, the hose can be sampled pressure test, the pressure test to be carried out in the pressure test bed, the hose assembly pressure to the scheduled working pressure twice, holding time 30-60 seconds, there should be no leakage.

11, Affixed to the label

Withholding completed hose assembly should be affixed to the label state is conducive to the installation to see the model and facilitate the subsequent replacement of the hose.

Hose and Connector Type

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