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2017 China (tianjin) International Offshore Engineering equipment and Port machinery exposition (CIOPE)

Aug. 09, 2017

Show time: October 19, 2017 -  October 21, 2017

The exhibition location: Tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center

Exhibitors: Hengshui Yatai special rubber products Co., Ltd. 

         (Beijing Proleader Co.,Ltd.)


The exhibition's brief introduction: 

2017 China (tianjin) international Marine equipment and port machinery trade fair "expo" sea (tianjin), hereinafter referred to as "CIOPE 2017" in English, will be on October 19 to 21, 2017 held in tianjin meijiang international conference and exhibition center.Certified by China classification society CCS certificate, has the very big influence.

2016 tianjin "expo" has more than 320 domestic and foreign well-known institutions from home and abroad and star enterprise, many of the world top 500 enterprises and industry enterprises to actively participate in, the display area of 3 square meters, attracted more than 20000 people play at home and abroad to visit, procurement.

"Sea expo" relying on the binhai new area in tianjin, in order to "promote the development of Marine economy innovation, promote transformation and upgrading of Marine industry" as the theme, mainly reflect the Marine engineering equipment and port machinery industry development trend, especially show large equipment and equipment in the industry, equipment and related technology of the latest achievements and international Marine engineering and equipment development of high-end and the front end.Exhibition by the exhibition, the exchange of trade, industry peak BBS and big signing activity of four parts, the exhibition is committed to building be influential in the world of Marine engineering equipment and port machinery expo, will the expo and the organic combination of e-commerce transaction platform, form a set of equipment manufacturing, international trade, financial services, logistics distribution, new mode of service in the integration of modern manufacturing.

China sea industry is gradually enhance the level of design manufacture and continuously strengthen the construction of industry standards and norms, a batch of internationally competitive Marine engineering equipment design, manufacturing, technical service enterprise is growing rapidly.At the same time, China will also take full advantage of shipping industry and petroleum equipment manufacturing industry has already formed the comparatively complete technical system, manufacturing system and supporting the supply system, seize the global Marine resources exploration and development of the growing equipment demand, strengthening the construction of technology innovation ability, extending industrial chain, formed the design, manufacture, finance, logistics, technical services of the whole industrial integration development, in order to realize China ocean engineering equipment industry development by leaps and bounds.

We look forward to working with you hand in hand to the expo, a total of haocha!


Be the reason of the exhibitors:

Status: 4.0 the main trend of leading industry

Communication: leading the dominant industry of BBS

International: establish good trade relations with the users all over the world


Exhibition range:

1.Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose: EN853 1SN/SAE R1 AT、EN853 2SN/SAE R2 AT, EN 857 1SC, EN 857 2SC, SAE 100 R16, SAE 100 R17, SAE R5

SAE R14, Gas Hose(CNG/LPG), Steam Hose, Fuel Hose, Jet Wash Hose

Hot Oil Hose, Low Temperature;

2.Wire Spiral Hydraulic Hose: EN 856 4SP, EN 856 4SH, SAE 100 R12

SAE 100 R13, SAE R15, Drilling Hose;

3.Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Hose: EN 854 1TE/SAE 100 R6, EN 854 2TE

EN 854 3TE/SAE 100 R3, SAE R4, SAE R7/R8, Air Hose, Water Hose

Fuel Hose, S&D Hose, Concrete Placement Hose, Multifunctional Chemical Hose, A/C Hose, Silicone Hose, SAE J30 R6, SAE J20 R3 AN Hose;

4.Hose Fitting: Ferrule, Swaged Hose Fitting, One Piece Hose Fitting

Lnterlock Fitting, Reusable Hose Fitting;

5.Adapter: Metric Thread Bite Type, Metric Thread Fitting, GB,JB Thread Fitting, BSP,BSPT Thread Fitting, IC,ORFS,SAE,NPT And NP SM Thread Fitting, Weld Fitting


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