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Gasoline hose introduction

Nov. 27, 2017

Gasoline hose introduction

Gasoline hose is one of the hottest products of our company. Due to the different content to ethanol in each countrythe environment is not the same. We will formulate different rubber compounding formula according to different countriesthe needs of customers in various countries.Nowadays,many countries have begun to use colorful gasoline hose in gas stationwe rest assured that we have long developed colorful gasoline hose


The following is introduction of gasoline hose


Used to transport fuel, fuel pipe and other aromatic hydrocarbons content of not more than 60% of the operating environment; some imported tubing is also suitable for the transport of lead or unleaded gasoline, biodiesel.

2Materials and construction

The hose shall consist of the following

·a smoothfuel resistant lining of rubber or themoplastic elastomerTPE

·a suitable reinforcement related to type

·a non-corrugated fuel and weather-resistant rubber or TPE cover


Hoses for this application shall be divided into three types

a)type1textile reinforced

b)Type2textile and helical wire reinforced

c)Type3fine wire reinforced

Hoses for this application shall be divided into two catagories

dcategory M:electrically bonded

ecategory Ωelectrically conductive

Hose for this application shall be divided into two temperature classes

Normal temperature class with an ambient working temperature of -40℃to+100℃

Low temperature classLTwith an ambient working temperature of -55℃to+100℃

Common pressure range around 16Bar, burst pressure can usually reach 48bar, and some imported tubing can even reach 75bar


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