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The event does not disperse, the new trade re-start

Apr. 03, 2018

The event does not disperse, the new trade re-start

- Did you enjoy your new trade festival in March?

March is a month of full harvest for Yatai and our friends. In this month, most of the domestic and foreign customers won the event award. The explosion products of this event: fuel dispensers, heat-resistant hoses, high-pressure cleaning hoses, air-conditioning hoses, CNG/LPG hoses, steam hoses, smooth-faced lettering steel wire hoses and line hoses, and color hoses were all received by customers. The unanimous praise. Here Yatai will give thanks to all the supporters and partners.

The March New Trade Festival is over. Do you still regret it? Did you regret your failure to get your order in time? Don't worry, these are not problems. In order to give back to the March New Trade Day, Yatai’s new and old customers are supported. We will prepare more generous gifts in April for the new event. What are you waiting for? hurry up.

Activities did not disperse, and the new trade began again. For mutual benefit, we are serious.

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