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Nylon resin tube

Sep. 21, 2018

.Nylon tube referred to as PA tube, nicknamed Nylon tube.


 Nylon tube is most suitable for: compressed air system, lubrication system, flammable oil fluid pipeline, hydraulic pipeline, some chemical fluid, food fluid. The product is light in weight, moisture resistant, salt water resistant, and good in aging resistance. Resistant to sun exposure, ten-way nylon tube is generally used for hydrocarbons, aromatics, aliphatic solvents, oils, fuels and refrigerants, not resistant to strong acids, alkalis, phenols, etc.; commonly used transport fluid: 40 degrees soda carbonate , 40 degrees carbonated water, -20 ~ 40 degrees alcohol, distilled water, sea water, oil and so on.

It is mainly used for high-pressure conveying and liquid transmission of automobile industry, engineering machinery and lifting transportation machinery. It has good oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, high pressure resistance and excellent pulse performance. It can be used as a special tube for high pressure painting.

Nylon tube is widely used in various industries due to its high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, various chemical reagents, anti-aging and long service life.

1. The pressure brake system of the car;

2. The power steering system of the car;

3. The brake pipe control system of the car;

4. Transmission control system;

5. Construction machinery, such as: hydraulic conveying system and hydraulic control system of excavators, loaders and cranes;

6. Hydraulic operation and hydraulic control system of machining equipment;

7. Tube for high pressure painting;

8. Pipe for liquid resin delivery.

.Nylon resin tube (SAE 100 R7 SAE 100 R8)

Nylon resin pipe refers to a high-pressure hose formed by extruding a hose made of nylon material as an inner core and reinforced or woven by high-strength industrial fiber or steel wire. It is widely used in small equipment, precision equipment, butter machines, dispensers, etc. The disadvantage is that the resin tube cannot be bent too much or repeatedly bent. Otherwise it is easy to break.

1. Machining equipment: Because it is generally not moving, and it is easy to install with toughness, it is easy to pass the pipe in the machining equipment and get very high recognition.

2, Used in anti-static parts: the general rubber tube, because of the internal steel wire weaving, and the two ends of the joint seizure, so that the tube itself is a whole body. Once there is electric introduction, rapid conduction phenomenon occurs, and there are safety hazards such as fever and rupture. At this time, you need a tube that can pass fluid, transmit pressure, and not conduct electricity. The resin tube is the most popular type in the market.

3. Clean equipment machinery: In the construction machinery, the relevant pipeline of the control handle (there is a first conduit, there is a signal tube), such as Kobelco, volvo, cat is the use of resin pipeline to achieve pressure resistance, to ensure Control the timeliness and agility of manipulation.

4. Workshop mechanical lubrication system Butter tube: The inner diameter of the resin tube is clean and smooth, the flowability is high, and the weather resistance is good. More common on the Hitachi excavator boom.

5, Butter machine, dispensing machine: butter machine Dispensing machine, is to be very clean piping system. Fluid delivery is the main task, unlike many hydraulic equipment. Reasonable and smooth fluid delivery is the key, especially when the resin tube is smooth inside, and high viscosity fluids such as glue or butter are the most effective places.

. Double resin tube:

Mostly used on forklift tubes, generally two later stick together, also called double tube. Because of its soft bending radius, it is mostly used in equipment such as forklifts. Nitta also has a low temperature resistant, cold resistant resin tube that is dedicated to cold storage forklifts.

. Truck brake pipe: nylon gas brake screw.

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