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Characteristics and uses of Teflon tubes

Dec. 29, 2018

Teflon (set) tube is a special tube made by extrusion, sintering, high-temperature sintering, shaping and other processes of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE commonly known as Teflon, plastic king).

Teflon is also known as Teflon, Plastic King, Teflon in English, widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemical Important computer industries such as computers, electric heating, military, communications, etc., such as miniature transformers.

Working temperature: -80 ° C -260 ° C

Teflon tube characteristics:

1. Difficult adhesion:

Teflon material makes it difficult to adhere sticky substances to the surface, and it can be easily removed even if it is adhered.

Uses: Teflon hose is widely used in gelatin, pectin and other high viscosity colloid transport.

2, heat resistance:

Teflon hoses have excellent heat resistance that other hoses do not have, and can withstand extremely low temperatures.

Continuous use temperature range: -70 ° C ~ +260 ° C (PTFE)

Uses: Teflon hoses are used for coolant delivery in machines such as automotive engines (use temperatures below -45 °C).

3. Corrosion resistance:

Teflon is extremely inactive for almost all chemicals or solvents, thus providing corrosion resistance. Excellent results in chemical delivery applications.

Uses: Teflon hoses are used in the corrosive fluid transport (liquid bromine, formaldehyde, chromic acid, etc.) in chemical production lines.

4, waterproof and oil resistant:

Teflon material is not easy to be infiltrated for almost all liquids including water and oil. It can be used for antifouling and keeping it clean.

Uses: Teflon coatings are often used to analyze the surface protection of components such as instrument parts and raw material recovery tanks.

5, wear resistance:

Teflon material exhibits excellent wear resistance in terms of heavy load sliding. If combined with an electroplated or anodized film, it can simultaneously improve its hardness and wear resistance.

Uses: shaft, large water purifier piston, automotive exhaust parts, wood circular saw, building damping device, elevator side panels, lubrication and wear-resistant workpieces, etc.

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