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Steam hose product knowledge and application

Feb. 14, 2019

The steam hose is used to transport saturated steam or superheated water. It is suitable for soft piping such as steam cleaners, steam hammers, flat vulcanizing machines and injection molding machines.

1. Implementation standard: SAE100 R1/SAE100 R2

2. Structure:

Inner glue: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

Reinforcement layer: one or two layers of steel wire weave

External glue: weather resistant synthetic rubber

3. Working temperature: -45 ° C - +180 ° C

4. Common specifications: 3/16"- 2"

5. Pressure range: 10Bar or 20Bar

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6. Hose features:

The inner and outer rubber layers of the hose are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance, and the tube body is characterized by softness, lightness, good flexibility and high heat resistance.

The hose has the advantages of small outer diameter tolerance, excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, light weight, soft and durable tube; the small burst pressure of the hose is ten times the working pressure.

7. The use of steam pipes:

Confirm that the steam main has been introduced with 1.0 Mpa steam.

Check that the steam hose has no aging, no cracking, no bubbling, no collapse deformation, no bending phenomenon.

Check that the steam hose and steam outlet connection components are firm, leak-free, and free from damage.

people stood on the air outlet, and the steam hose outlet was facing the unmanned part and no rebound part. The weight of the person stepped on the head of the steam belt. When operating alone, pay attention to the station position to facilitate the switch of the steam outlet valve.

Before opening the steam take-off valve, first determine the temperature of the steam line before the valve is taken out, because the temperature can determine the amount of condensed water. Secondly, it is necessary to check the position of the steam line. If the outlet is led out from the steam flow and the vertical line is short, the condensed water is less, and vice versa.

Through the above judgment, slowly open the steam extraction valve 1 to 3 times according to the actual situation (the steam line has less condensed water, the valve opens 1 turn. If the condensate is much, the valve opens 3 times), the steam condensate is released, with The temperature rise of the condensate sees the steam hot water, and the small steam is appropriately closed for about one turn. As the condensed water is reduced, the water hammer sounds in the steam line, and the steam hose outlet is entrained with water and accompanied by vibration. At this time, the vibration pressure of the steam hose and the steam outlet reverse thrust are appropriately closed. Steam take-off valve. Wait until the steam has no water and there is no water hammer in the steam line. Adjust the steam flow until the steam hose is hand-held. It feels that there is no recoil. Even if the steam hose is placed on the ground, it will not be displaced by the steam.

Since the length of the steam hose is about 20 meters, the hysteresis is large when adjusting the flow rate of the steam hose. After the large or small inlet valve is opened, the steam volume at the outlet of the steam hose is changed constantly, and then adjusted.

Drag the steam hose to the parts that need protection, thawing, etc. When you drag the steam hose, you should prevent the steam hose from bending, otherwise it will cause steam hose burst or personal injury.

When fixing the steam skin dragon at the protection point, it is necessary to fasten the lock position with the wire to prevent the steam hose from falling off or swaying due to steam pressure or other factors, and does not play a role of protection, etc., and may also cause personal injury accidents.

In the process of putting the steam hose into operation, labor protection must be done. In particular, the high temperature steam hose should not be directly touched by hand, otherwise it will be burnt. In addition, when the water is caught in the steam, try to avoid raising the hose outlet too high, otherwise the hot water will burn the hand backwards.

8. Deactivation of steam pipes:

first close the steam hose lead-out valve

When disassembling the steam hose, first confirm that the pressure has been relieved to prevent pressure inside the hose from injuring people. If it is not easy to judge, you can check the hardness of the hose. When there is no pressure, the hose is easily crushed.


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