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Hengshui Yatai E-commerce Department in the summer of 2019

May. 24, 2019


The meaning of youth is not the age, but the passion and vitality of the moment. In May, a vibrant season, the elites rejoice in breaking through their goals, and Yatai people are full of expectations for a new step.

In line with the principle of comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and beauty, this activity is mostly carried out in the form of games, and the little friends are enjoying themselves.

1. The weather after the rain is always very comfortable. Backed by Yanqi Lake, the air is filled with the taste of youth.


2. The first round of the game: use both hands and feet. Are you still refusing to expose your legs? If you don't exist, the host who likes to spoof has long thought of a routine. By measuring the length of the legs, the elites are divided into giant groups and Hobbit groups.


It turns out that there are no eggs for the long legs. The first round of punishment is to dance the swan dance, which is really amazing by the male compatriots.


3. After the first round of physical games, it is a digital horse game that fights intelligence. The elites use their own strengths to mention the title of the school and the intellectual retardation group. (I blame me for being too invested, not having time to take photos)


4. The second round of physical games: all Ping Pong. The ping-pong game, known as the electric hip dance, makes everyone laugh out of the abdominal muscles. After playing the sandbag game, the elites like to mention the king combination bronze group. What will happen to the record?


After some competition, the bronze group lost, they performed the live-action version of Taishan next door for everyone. Come here, let us swing together


5. Next is the switch game, um can only say that the intelligence of the elite has to be improved (the picture is too beautiful, I dare not look)


6. The random response game, which tests both the ability to play and the ability to test performance, is definitely the king of the game. The host who likes to spoof has prepared quite a lot of props andperformance scenes with great comedy effects, and can only pray for everyone silently.


7. Know what is playing is the heartbeat? Guess the emperor and the truth-telling adventure is unforgettable. On the scene, the top of the mountain shouted, the most exciting is the love broke the news, want to ask the two married young people, the water of the temple is cool enough?


8. I thought this is over? NO, the real physical game has just begun, the sandbag game will surely bring back memories of many people's childhood. Oh, it’s going to burst


9. Fortunately, the day happened to be the first day of the first show of the night flight. The opening ceremony song changed to the entire Yanqi Lake, so let’s take a small wild di together.


10. How can a rare day of dinner games, lottery, playing cards, and black magic, this is the rhythm of the explosion. The little face that everyone is drinking is very cute.

Male and female hands, what a beautiful picture.


 The whole activity of this event is full of youthful vitality. Behind the busy days of the week, everyone's little hearts are well relaxed. The joyful time is always short, and I look forward to the next breakthrough.



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