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Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition

Aug. 29, 2019

Time :2019.10.23-26

Venue: Hall N, Shanghai New International Expo Center


Exhibition introduction

ComVac ASIA is a benchmark event in the Asian compressor field and an important part of the PTC ASIA. It is a value exchange platform technology, industry and investment.

As a professional high-quality exhibition in the industry, ComVac ASIA provides exhibitors with a comprehensive and multi-angle showcase of corporate philosophy and product technology. Shanghai International Compressor & Equipment Exhibition is not just a single compressor product display, but the entire compression’s  great meeting of exchanging of technology and products.


exhibition criteria

Compressed air technology: air compressors, process compressors, special compressors, compressor parts, compressed air aftertreatment equipment, lubricants and industry-related auxiliary equipment

Vacuum technology: vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum parts, vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, instrument and vacuum leak detection equipment, vacuum application equipment, vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering equipment


Company Information:

Established in 2001, Hengshui Yatai Special Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of rubber hoses, hose joints and hose assemblies integrating R&D, production and marketing, and a supplier of fluid connection system transportation solutions.


Exhibiting products

1. Blue color air compressor hose     

2. Black color air compressor hose

3. Blue color outer braided cotton air compressor hose

4. Black color outer braided cotton air compressor hose

5. Blue color air compressor hose assembly


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Production Introduction


1.Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber

2.Reinforcement: One or two high tensile steel braided(textile braided)                

3.Cover: Blue synthetic rubber with high ozone, weather and heat resistance

Temperature range: -40 ℃  to +160 ℃


Why choosing YATAI Air Compressor Hose

1.Manufactory price

2.Appearance: cloth  & outer cotton thread.

3.Color: Black & Blue

4.Heat resistant oil 160℃

5.100% oil-free

6.More flexible

7.the cutting edge is not flare

8.Good adhension

9.South Korea KUMHO imported raw materials

Best price with good quality, YATAI is your BEST CHOICE!



Contact us


Lotus Zhao (sales manager)

Tel/Whatsapp: +86 15603187112

QQ: 1002484820


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