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You will be KO in the summer of more than 30 degrees, you are not afraid of the 180 ℃ hose

Jun. 24, 2020

Steam hose, that is, steam hose. It is used for cooling water of refrigeration equipment, hot and cold water of engines and engines, food processing, especially hot water and saturated steam of dairy products factory, which can resist dilute (low concentration) acid and alkali. For the problems that hot water and saturated steam, high-pressure air hoses and hoses cann’t handle, YATAI steel wire braided high-pressure steam hoses provide the best solution.

1. Hose structure

Inner tube: made of EPDM synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance

Reinforcement layer: fiber wire or steel wire braid to strengthen the pressure range of the hose

Cover: made of EPDM material with excellent heat resistance, steam resistance, ozone UV resistance and chemical properties

2. Executive Standards

Exceeds EN 853 1SN-SAE 100 R1AT-ISO 1436-1 1SN/R1AT

Exceeds EN 853 2SN-SAE 100 R2AT-ISO 1436-1 2SN/R2AT

3. The scope of application

It is used to transport saturated steam or superheated water at 165℃~180℃. It is suitable for steam cleaners, food processing, steam hammers, flat vulcanizers, injection molding machines and other hot pressing equipment as soft hoses.

As part of the high-temperature cleaning system used in factory/refinery services (such as railcars, storage tanks and ships), Yatai steam hoses deliver steam safely and keep process equipment operating efficiently. Hose provides a variety of inner tube and outer rubber materials to choose from to meet a wide range of conditions of use.

4. Classification of steam hoses


1. Fiber braided steam hose: the inner and outer rubber layers are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance, the middle fiber reinforced layer, the pipe body has the characteristics of softness, lightness, good flexibility, no odor, high heat resistance, etc.


2. Steel wire reinforced steam hose: more suitable for conveying steam or hot water whose temperature is not higher than 180℃. Its characteristic is that its adhesive layer has very good heat resistance.


3. Vacuum hose for exhaust cord: It is composed of inner rubber layer, multi-layer cord winding layer, spiral steel wire reinforced layer and outer rubber layer. The middle rubber layer is composed of 2 or 4 or 6 fiber reinforced layers and an outer rubber layer, and the steel wire (φ0.3-2.0 reinforced steel wire) layer is a skeleton material for reinforcement.


4. PTFE PTFE steam hose: It is widely used in economic fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, aerospace, petroleum, textile machinery, electrical insulation and so on. Its appearance is finely organized, without mechanical impurities and its strength is also very high. It also has very stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, sealing, electrical insulation and very good anti-aging.

Silicone steam tube: It has the characteristics of cold resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. within the allowable diameter, and its moisture resistance and pressure resistance are also very strong. This kind of hose is often used to convey the flow of liquid.

The fabric-reinforced rubber steam hose is suitable for standard steam applications up to 7 Bar, and the steel wire spiral-reinforced rubber steam hose is suitable for superheated steam up to 17 Bar. Steam itself is dangerous, so extra care should be taken to ensure that you choose the correct steam hose, fittings and hose clamp scheme for your application.


5. Performance characteristics

1. Aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight, small size, good flexibility

2. South Korea KUMHO imported rubber compound

3. Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 180 ℃

4. 10 times safety factor

5. Color: Black & Red

6. External rubber tie holes

7. Good adhesion & not easy to rise

8. Accurate tolerance of inner and outer diameter

9. Factory price & free samples within one meter


If you have any questions about the applied pressure level, temperature, static or dynamic deflection and wear, please consult our technical sales team

Technical hotline: 15603181870 (WeChat synchronization)

Skype: sophie.lei010

E-mail: sophie@chnhose.com

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