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Revealed for the first time! Refining Center

Mar. 18, 2024

The entire refining/ mixing center covers an area of 3,000 square meters and has multiple rubber mixing production equipment, testing equipment, and an independent R&D department.

The fully automatic unloading machine and computer-side automatic operation measure the formula and raw materials, which greatly improves the formula accuracy and production efficiency, and is conducive to the production of high-quality rubber compound.

Under the leadership of Mr. Bai of the Technology Department, we independently developed hot-selling products such as ACM high-temperature oil hose, ECO low-temperature oil hose, SAE J2064 Type B mobile refrigeration air-conditioning hose, CIIR floor heating hose, and SAE J30 automotive fuel injection pipes, to support the company's technological innovation. Made outstanding contributions.


①Good aging resistance; ②Good weather resistance; ③Excellent electrical insulation properties; ④Good chemical corrosion resistance; ⑤Good impact elasticity; ⑥Good high temperature and low temperature resistance.

Commonly used in steam hoses, heating hoses, food hoses, brake hoses

2. CSM

① Excellent ozone resistance & weather resistance; ② Good resilience performance; ③ Chemical corrosion resistance; ④ Good oil resistance, solvent resistance, and flame retardant properties; ⑤ Excellent wear resistance and mechanical damage resistance.

Commonly used in automobile air conditioning hoses, hydraulic hoses, exhaust hoses, fuel hoses, and automobile steering power hoses


① High gas impermeability; ② Excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance; ③ Improved chemical resistance; ④ High heat resistance; ⑤ Stability.

Commonly used in hose linings and gaskets, such as SAE J2064TYPE B air conditioning hoses

4. ECO

① Excellent low temperature resistance; ② Good oil resistance; ③ Good aging resistance.

Hoses commonly used in low-temperature environments such as low-temperature tanker/fuel hoses and extremely low-temperature hydraulic hoses

5. ACM

①Excellent heat resistance, instant high temperature can be used in 180°C environment; ②Excellent ozone resistance; ③Oil resistance

High temperature resistant oil seals, crankshafts, cylinder gaskets, hydraulic oil pipes, ultra-high temperature power steering pipes, etc. for automobiles

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