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Rubber hose, please don't involute any more!

Jul. 20, 2021

There is no doubt that our country has become the world's large producer and consumer of rubber hose belts. There are hundreds of rubber hose and belt manufacturers nationwide with a certain scale. This has played an indispensable supporting role for the national economy. The professional research and development of the rubber tube belt industry is constantly progressing, not only improving rubber technology, performance and cost, but also constantly developing new products and new technologies, which are now approaching or reaching the international advanced level.

Rubber hose, please don't involute any more!

At the same time, Yatai, as a professional manufacturer of R&D, testing, and production of high-performance rubber hoses and hose fittings, is the first to take the brunt of the development of the manufacturing industry and high environmental standards select.


We own: Italian VP automatic high-speed fiber braiding machine, automatic high-speed steel wire braiding machine, automatic high-speed steel wire winding machine, and full-automatic CNC machine tools. The company has an annual output of 10 million meters of various rubber hoses and 5 million sets of assembly products. After 20 years of development, the team has many engineering and management personnel with more than 20 years of relevant experience.


Our product lines:

For Automotive area: fuel hoses, heater hoses, power steering hoses, brake hoses, air conditioning hoses, oil cooler hoses, silicone hoses. 

For Gas station: fuel dispenser hose, aircraft refueling hose, refueling vehicle hose, urea refueling hose.

Industrial hoses: air and multi-purpose hose, chemical hose, food hose, high-temperature steam hose, high-pressure cleaning hose, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistanthose, suction and discharge hose, nylon resin hose, threading hose, fire-fighting hose, mining   hoses.

Hydraulic Hose:One-layer steel wire braided hose, two-layer steel wire braided hose, three-layer steel wire braided hose, four-layer steel wire winding and six-layer steel wire winding hose, high temperature resistant hydraulic hose, low temperature resistant hydraulic hose, super wear-resistant hydraulic hose.

Hose Fittings:sleeves,one piece hose fitting, stainless steel fitting, swaged hose fitting, detachable hose fitting, interlock fitting, transition joints, welding flanges, mining fitting,quick fitting etc. 

Rubber hose, please don't involute any more!

It's finally over. There are so many products. Just allow me to say one word: respect~

Intimate advice: Dear and wise consumers, when choosing rubber tube customization, you need to see if the manufacturer has: diversified product selection, own complete production line, and professional product information services.


You can absolutely believe that in Hengshui Yatai, every production process is strictly controlled. Mature production equipment and modern production management are the guarantee of quality products.

Technical consultation: Penny Chen

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Email: penny@chnhose.com

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