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Characteristics and Application of DEF / adblue/ Urea Hose

Dec. 25, 2017

First, the scope of application

For diesel vehicles delivering DEF urea solution. DEF-resistant urea solution to help diesel vehicles to meet emission requirements, clean the environment. Vehicle urea solution in Europe called AdBlue, known in North America as DEF, is a liquid reductant, installed in diesel engine exhaust system, the exhaust gas of nitrogen oxides catalytic reduction of nitrogen and water catalytic device, referred to as SCR system. The vehicle urea solution is a diesel engine-specific reductant that is stored in a special storage container on the diesel engine. When the exhaust gas is discharged from the engine, it reaches the truck catalytic converter together with the exhaust gas and then converts the nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water. So that the vehicle emissions reached Euro IV above standards.

Second, the technical characteristics

The inner layer of the hose is made of imported special formula with high environmental protection synthetic rubber. It does not contain Ca, Cu, Zn, Cr, Ni, Al, Mg, Na and K ions and ensures the height of the hose when feeding urea solution Environmentally friendly, clean, no effect on urea solution, no pollution, no damage to SCR system. Hose protection Rubber layer super wear-resistant, anti-aging, durable than the average rubber hose 3 to 5 times more. High-strength polyester fiber reinforced, no pressure when the hose inflation, to ensure accurate filling.


Third, pay attention

General rubber hose contains a lot of Ca ions and other components, will pollute the urea solution, the catalyst of the SCR system is poisonous, affecting SCR reduction conversion efficiency! Poor quality urea hose is not wear-resistant, anti-aging, easy to wear and aging! Low-quality non-anti-static urea hose design, easy to produce electrostatic charging hazard!


Fourth, the structure:

Hose in the layer: environmentally friendly, DEF-resistant black special formula synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: Production of high-strength synthetic fiber braid.

Hose protection: black super wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-aging synthetic rubber.


Fifth, appearance: smooth, black.

Sixth, the maximum temperature: -60 ℃ to 125 ℃.


Seven, environmental standards: SGS authoritative structure of the strict testing, in line with the EU environmental standards ROHS, PAHS, SAE-China J2902-2013 standards.


Eight, technical standards: SAE-China J2902-2013

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