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High pressure washer hose introduction and application areas

Jan. 05, 2018

High-pressure washer hose is the use of high-pressure water generating equipment to produce high-pressure water, high pressure nozzle through the nozzle pressure will be transformed into highly concentrated water jet, to complete the cleaning, cutting, crushing and other technology.


According to the water temperature, the pressure washer can be divided into two categories, one is the cold water pressure washer, and the other is the hot water pressure washer.

The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water washer is usually used in the hot water washing machine to heat the water. Using hot water to clean, you can quickly wash a lot of cold water is not easy to clean the dirt and grease cleaning efficiency greatly improved. But often due to high prices and hot water washing machine running costs are high, because most users use diesel or choose ordinary cold water pressure pipe cleaning. Small motor drive engine pressure washer, gasoline-driven high-pressure washer and diesel-powered washing machine three categories. As the name implies, the three washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps that are used to connect to a motor, gasoline or diesel engine to drive a high-pressure pump operation. The advantage of driving pressure-cleaning gasoline and diesel powered washing machines is that they do not require a power supply and can be operated in the field.


High-pressure washer hose applications:

1. Plumbing pipes, scums, rain pipes, gas pipes, municipal pipes, flue pipes, oil pipelines and two-phase pipelines of various sizes for water supply and sewer pipes, High-pressure washer hose, industrial and industrial and mining enterprises and residential areas;

2.High-pressure washer hose in a variety of heat exchangers, condensers, air preheaters, refrigerators, rehydration, dust, evaporation cans, reactors, heating devices and other fouling;

3 all types of boilers, cans, containers, salt, dirt, scale and scale of materials;

4. High-pressure washer hose in the heating system, air-conditioning device scale;

5. All kinds of large buildings, buildings and equipment inside and outside the surface of the high pressure cleaning attachments have been applied to the high pressure cleaning hose.

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