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LPG hose Introduction&application

May. 10, 2018

LPG hose Introduction&application

LPG hose applications:oil fields, refineries, chemical plants, liquefied gas.

Transmission medium: liquefied gas, liquid ammonia, propylene, organic solvents, micro-particles, etc.; not for tankers, tanker vessels; vacuum resistant; antistatic outer layer; widely used in various petroleum products, aromatic compounds content can be as high as 50%.


LPG hose product advantages: NBR synthetic rubber used in the inner rubber layer, has excellent resistance to liquid petroleum gas corrosion, tube reinforcement layer can be used according to the different pressure grade cord weaving or steel wire weaving. If customers have anti-static requirements, LiTian can also think of supplying you with static conductive liquid petroleum gas (LPG) rubber hoses (with built-in conductive copper wire in the pipe body).


Features of the trachea: The hose has the advantages of small internal and external diameter tolerances, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, ozone, anti-static, etc., excellent performance, light weight, soft and durable tube, etc.; corrosion resistance, anti-aging, light weight, fast flow, resistance Pressing wire is not easy to break, does not tie hands, and extends the service life of the hose.

1.Ozone aging resistance: standard test chamber concentration 50 +/- 5pphm temperature 40 +/- 2 °C experimental time 72t no cracks.

2.Heat aging: the standard 70 ° +/- 1 °C 72t tensile strength of the aging rate within -25% of the elongation -30% or less.

3.Physical properties: Elongation inside and outside the adhesive layer ≥ 300% Hose under the environment of -30 +/- 2 °C 5, good elasticity.

4.There is no cracking and breaking after 180° bending.

5.Corrosion resistance: inner and outer layers of oil resistant RMA-B grade, hexane corrosion resistance, and RMA flame retardant requirements


LPG hose Note: Gas hose must use qualified gas special hose, and the use of the length should not exceed 2 meters

When installing, the hose must be inserted in place and firmly fixed at both ends with a throat code to prevent loosening and leakage.

When using, do not fold the hose, use the wall, or hide the hose underground.

During use, the hose must be inspected and cleaned regularly, and cracks, aging, and rat bite damage should be promptly replaced.

The use of hose can not exceed two years.

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