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SAE J30 R7——Delivery to America

Jul. 29, 2019

SAE J 30 R7 fuel hose ready to be delivered to the US

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SAE J30 fuel hose features

1.Resistant to less than 30% ethanol gasoline

2. Flame retardant antistatic

3. Super flexible, resistant to aging

4. 100% pressure test

5.Factory price, free sample



1. Push-on hose for low pressure lines, return lines, drain lines.

2. Used in fuel system or in the crankcase of internal combustion engines in mobile (truck, bus, off-highway, vehicles), stationary and marine applications

3. Mineral oils, vegetable and rape seed oils, glycol and polyglycol based oils, synthetic ester based oils, oils in aqueous emulsion, water, diesel fuel, gasoline.


Product pictures

Fuel hose assembly


SAE J30 R7 Fuel hose

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