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Are you still worried about the choice of high-pressure cleaning tube? YATAI hose solves your puzzle

Apr. 06, 2020

High-pressure cleaning hose technology is a new and must-have technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. It uses high-pressure water generating equipment to generate high-pressure water, and converts pressure into highly concentrated water jet flow through nozzle high-pressure cleaning hoses. Crushing and other technologies.

The application fields of high-pressure cleaning pipes are from various industries, and at the same time, they also provide an undisputed role for many industries. Below, Penny introduces you about YATAI high-pressure cleaning hoses.


1. hose application

Yatai factory direct supply high-pressure cleaning hose can be used for all kinds of hot and cold water high-pressure cleaning machines, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, sewer pipe dredging machines, various specifications of water hoses, various condensers, various boilers, tanks, containers, various Descaling and decontamination of the inside and outside surfaces of large buildings, buildings and equipment.
2.Hose execution standard

SAE100 R1AT / R2AT, EN853 1SN / 2SN

SAE 100 R16 / R17, EN 857 1SC / 2SC EN 856 4SH

2. Hose structure

Inner Tube:NBR synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: one or two layers of steel wire braid or four layers of steel wire spiral

Outer rubber: weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant rubber

4. Common colors: black, gray, blue, and can be customized according to customer requirements

5. Common specifications 1/4 ’’, 5/16 ”, 3/8”, 1/2 ”other specifications can be customized

6. Working temperature

Cold water pipe: -40 ℃ -120 ℃.

Hot water pipe: -40 ℃ -180 ℃.

7. Working pressure: 40Bar ~ 1000Bar

8. Selection and maintenance of high pressure cleaning hose

In the high-pressure cleaning industry, in addition to the importance of cleaning machines, the high-pressure hoses used in the machines also need to be paid attention to. If it is used and maintained properly, it can be used for a relatively long time to save and reduce costs.

For the high-pressure hose used in high-pressure cleaning equipment, its inner diameter must match the diameter required by the high-pressure pump. And when selecting high-pressure hoses, you must choose a hose with a matching pressure according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure pump. Do not use an operating method that exceeds the actual pressure, otherwise it will affect the normal life of the high-pressure hose. In addition, products with higher pressure can be appropriately selected, which makes it easier to extend its useful life.

The Yatai factory direct-supply high-pressure cleaning hose uses imported materials from Kumho, South Korea, with a rubber content of up to 45%. YATAI's professional technical research and development team continuously improves the quality of hoses and assemblies to provide you with high -quality high-pressure cleaning pipe assemblies. The professional service team provides professional choices for your product needs, and the after-sales department makes you worry-free.

Please consult technical service personnel for details:

Phone: 1833107383 (same as Whats app)

Skype: proleader 123

Email: penny@chnhose.com 

Website: www.chnhose.com

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