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Yatai patted you, hi,guys ,did you Get the points of silicone hose?

Jul. 20, 2020

Silicone rubber is a new type of elastic polymer material, has excellent resistance to high temperature (250-300 ℃) and low temperature (40-60 ℃) performance, has the good physical stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and sterilization condition, excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ℃ in 48 hours not greater than 50%), breakdown voltage (20 to 25 kv/mm), ozone resistance, uv resistance, radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil resistant performance.

The properties of silica gel make it difficult to replace many other similar materials: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength and so on.


Therefore, silica gel hose cold and high temperature resistance and harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, is a special comprehensive performance of a wide range of good hose, with excellent electrical insulation performance, aging resistance, chemical stability, anti-oxidation weather resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertia, good air permeability, high and low temperature resistance.

Silicone hose is widely used in electronic appliances, baby supplies, medical, electric power, automotive, construction, aviation, communications, office, home and other modern industry, defense industry and daily necessities and the demand for silica gel hose in various fields is gradually expanding.


The inner and outer rubber layers of the silicone hose are made of synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance, and the silicone rubber is added to the double-roll rubber mixer or airtight kneader, gradually adding silica and other additives for repeated and uniform refining, and the products are made by extrusion according to the technical standards of industry products.


Production process of silica gel hose:

1. Rubber refining -- drying -- high temperature treatment -- curing treatment -- drying -- packaging

2.Put the silicone rubber raw materials in the rubber mixing machine mixing, adding silica gel vulcanizing agent article points after mixing evenly, in screw extruder (silicone extrusion machine) from the specifications of the mold after extrusion, can squeeze down on, can also be squeezed through the oven curing, parallel temperature ranging from 300-800 degrees, and then the second section of sulfide, vulcanization after waiting for cold, then QC inspection after packaging.

Performance characteristics of silicone hose:

1. Soft, light, arc resistance, corona resistance, good flexibility, high heat resistance, harmless, non-toxic and tasteless;

2. Continuous service temperature range: -60℃ ~ 200℃;

3. Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, including special-shaped silicone hose;

4. surface performance: comb water, not sticky to many materials, can play an isolation role.

5. Pressure resistance: ≥ 6.0kV, specific gravity: 1.2, hardness: 70±5, tensile strength: ≥6.5

6.electrical performance: in the wet water or temperature rise, the change is small, even if the short-circuit combustion generated by carbon dioxide

Silicon is still an insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment will continue to work, so it is best to make wires, cables and lead wires.

7.Physical and mechanical properties: density, hardness, surface resistivity, dielectric property, tensile property, impact property, tearing property, compression property, adhesion strength, wear resistance, low temperature property, resilience

8. Reliability test: ozone resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance test, liquid resistance test, salt spray test, etc

9. Aging performance: thermal aging, ozone aging, ULTRAVIOLET lamp aging, salt fog aging, Xenon lamp aging, carbon arc lamp aging, halogen lamp aging;

10. Combustion performance: suitable for vertical combustion, alcohol blowtorch combustion, propane combustion in roadway, smoke density, combustion rate, effective combustion calorific value and total smoke release;



The inner diameter is 3-- 254mm, the special-shaped silica gel hose can be customized



Black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent, purple, green, etc. (other colors can be customized)


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