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Gas Station Hose & Assembly

Apr. 01, 2024

Gas Station Hose

1. EN1360 Fuel Dispenser Hose

Application:Suitable for fueling equipment to transport aviation kerosene,gasoline, diesel

Nomal Temp:-40℃ ~ 100℃,can customized -45℃,-50℃,-55℃

Size:3/4”   1” 


Inner Tube:NBR

Type 2:one layer textile braided plus cocductive cooper wire

Type 3:one layer wire braided


Usually used BSP, NPT,BSPT fittings

Gas Station Hose

2. EN13483 Vapor Recovery Hose

Application:Used in the second stage vacuum-assisted oil and gas recovery system,

The oil and gas are sucked back from the inner pipe when refueling

And the excellent anti-bending performance reduces the phenomeno of computer meter jumping.

Temp:-40℃ ~ 100℃

Size:5/8”   7/8” 


Inner Tube:NBR   

Reinforcement:Textile braide/Wire braided/Fiber helix wire


Adaptable fittings: oil and gas recovery fitting and recovery pull-off valves

Gas Station Hose

3. Wire Braided Diesel Oil Hose

Application: suitable for fueling equipment to transport aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other mineral oils.

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ 100℃

Inner Tube: NBR

Reinforcement: one layer wire braided

Cover: CR

Size:3/16” ~ 2” (4.8mm ~ 50.8mm)

W.P. :16bar

Fitting material can be carbon steel or stainless steel.

Gas Station Hose

4. Urea Solution Hose For Vehicles

Application: Used to transport DEF urea solution for diesel cechiles, help diesel vehicles meet emssion regulations and purify the envioment .

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ 150℃


Inner Tube: EPDM

Reinforcement layer: one layer wire braid

Cover: EPDM

Size:3/4”   1” 

W.P :16bar

Fitting material is stainless steel,thread have BSP,BSPT,NPT; size is 3/4” or 1”

Gas Station Hose

5. Hose Assembly

The following information is required when customizing the assembly:

Hose part: inner diameter + appearance

Connector part: thread standard + thread size (usually the same as the hose size)

Hose Length or Assembly Length

Popular Length :4m,4.5m,4.6m,6m etc

Gas Station Hose

6. Other Part and Valves

There are three common choices for nozzles:

①11A pressure self-sealing nozzle

②11B pressureless self-sealing nozzle

③120L large flow self-sealing nozzle

In addition, there are low-hanging oil mirrors, pipeline check valves, emergency shut-off valves, ordinary pull-off valves, triangular check valves, double-door bottom valves, universal fittigs, copper-aluminum conversion fittigs, etc.

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