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Heavy duty! Suction& Delivery! Let's have an "Industrial Wind"!

Aug. 01, 2022

Heavy duty! Suction

NO. 1 SAE100 R4 Suction Hose

Inner rubber: oil resistant NBR

Reinforcement: 2, 4 or 6 layers of cord + helix steel wire

Outer rubber: CR neoprene

Temperature range: -30 ° C to 80 ° C

Operating pressure: 10Bar, 20 Bar or R4 standard pressure

Features & Application: Black flat or wide raised surface is available for oil delivery and suction.

Heavy duty! Suction

NO.2 Suction Fuel Hose

Inner rubber: Fuel oil resistant NBR

Reinforcement:  2, 4 or 6 layers of cord + helix steel wire+conductive copper wire

Outer rubber: oil resistant, aging resistant, ozone resistant CR neoprene rubber

Pressure range: 10Bar or 20 Bar

Main applications: Conveying petroleum based hydraulic oil, water and ethylene glycol, flame retardant water hydraulic oil, aromatic hydrocarbon content in 20% of petroleum products, has long service life under harsh working conditions.

Heavy duty! Suction                          

NO.3 Suction Water Hose

Inner &outer rubber : Natural NR & SBR styrene-butadiene

Reinforcement: knitted or woven

Main applications: suitable for water and non-corrosive liquid suction and discharge; Suitable for agriculture, industry and other fields, especially suitable for medium and large scroll matching use.

Customizable options: ① internal diameter specifications; (2) color glue customization; ③ Different working pressure;

Heavy duty! Suction

NO.4 Special Hose for tank truck

Inside diameter: 51-152 - mm

Inner rubber : NBR

Reinforcement: two or four layers of cord + spiral steel wire + conductive copper wire

Outer rubber: NBR rubber and CR neoprene

Features & Application: vacuum resistance + antistatic; Specially designed for tankers, starboard tank ships and general industrial uses, suction and delivery of 50% aromatic hydrocarbon petroleum products.


In the face of different media, pressure and temperature, we will provide you with the best choice! Inquiries are welcome!

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