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2017 Beijing construction machinery exhibition

Sep. 14, 2017

2017 Beijing construction machinery exhibition



Exhibition time: 2017-9-20 to 2017-9-23

Venue: China international exhibition center new hall

Exhibition unit:  Hengshui Yatai special rubber products Co.,Ltd. (Beijing Proleader Co.,Ltd.)

Scope of exhibits:

1. Construction machinery, earth moving machinery, engineering vehicles, lifting and transportation equipment, construction equipment, tools and special system, concrete and mortar, road construction and maintenance equipment, pipeline and cable laying equipment, mining machinery and tools, mining and processing raw materials, pipe and cable laying equipment and tools, mining machinery, mining and processing of raw materials, the raw material mining equipment.

2. Cement, lime and gypsum materials for the building with complete sets of equipment and machinery components of concrete, concrete products and prefabricated production equipment of dry mortar, mortar, mortar, building materials supermarket products production equipment, etc.

Introduction to the exhibition:

2017 Beijing construction machinery exhibition is also named the 14th China Beijing engineering machinery construction machinery and machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting (BICES 2017), which is a well-known domestic exhibitor.BICES as a witness to the industry and companions, realizing a complete coverage of the authority of the news media, BICES during 2017, more than 200 Chinese and foreign media reported in CCTV financial channel economic information broadcast and global financial connections and phoenix the early bus and current events through train columns and part of the show exhibitors special report for up to 6 times to read the future.

In BICES, whether new products and technologies, or brand and corporate strategy, or the value of the enterprise and the future, every detail and window of the enterprise are presented in the media under the full coverage of wonderful and puts glorious greatly.Professional buyers Global business opportunities are exhibit excellent professional buyers at home and abroad to promote BICES features, in order to get the best exhibition for exhibitors effect, BICES professional buyers at home and abroad has been sparing no effort to promote, BICES will use the global network and many years of accumulation of high-quality buyers resources, accurate invite target buyers.

BICES provide a full range of professional audience invitation channels, including web pages, direct mail, advertising, electronic newsletters, new media, public relations activities such as press releases and editorials.We are also in the global industry exhibition, promotional activities, and specially invited domestic and foreign mainstream industry association members and top users group to be present, such as effective increase commercial value of the exhibition.The 14th China Beijing construction machinery construction machinery and machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting (BICES 2017) will be held in Beijing from September 20 to 23, 2017.This will bring the world's engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises comprehensive display of product innovation, brand image, providing the broad stage, to seek cooperation opportunities for further insight into the development of Chinese engineering machinery market, grasp the investment opportunities created a rare opportunity in Asia.We look forward to moving forward with you


Be the reason of the exhibitors:

Profession: interpretation power transmission and control technology of attention hot spot

Status: 4.0 the main trend of leading industry

Communication: leading the dominant industry of BBS

International: establish good trade relations with the users all over the world


Exhibition range:

1.Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose:EN853 1SN/SAE R1 AT,EN853 2SN/SAE R2 AT,EN 857 1SC,EN 857 2SC,SAE 100 R16,SAE 100 R17,SAE R5

SAE R14,Gas Hose(CNG/LPG),Steam Hose,Fuel Hose,Jet Wash Hose

Hot Oil Hose,Low Temperature;

2.Wire Spiral Hydraulic Hose:EN 856 4SP,EN 856 4SH,SAE 100 R12

SAE 100 R13,SAE R15,Drilling Hose;

3.Textile Reinforced Hydraulic Hose:EN 854 1TE/SAE 100 R6,EN 854 2TE

EN 854 3TE/SAE 100 R3,SAE R4,SAE R7/R8,Air Hose,Water Hose

Fuel Hose,S&D Hose,Concrete Placement Hose,Multifunctional Chemical Hose,A/C Hose,Silicone Hose,SAE J30 R6、SAE J20 R3 AN Hose;

4.Hose Fitting:Ferrule,Swaged Hose Fitting,One Piece Hose Fitting

Lnterlock Fitting,Reusable Hose Fitting;

5.Adapter:Metric Thread Bite Type,Metric Thread Fitting,GB,JB Thread Fitting,BSP,BSPT Thread Fitting,JIC,ORFS,SAE,NPT And NP SM Thread Fitting,Weld Fitting


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