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Application of High Pressure Hose and Important Factors Influencing Life time

Sep. 22, 2017

一、Application of high pressure hose Note:

1.temperature, high pressure hose in the use of high ambient temperature when the service life is very short, for this toAs far as possible away from the heat source, if necessary, can use armored hose or install insulation board to avoid high temperature

Condition of the hose heat deterioration.

2.to avoid surface friction: in the installation of the use of other pipes do not come into contact with, to avoid friction brokenCrack, the use of protective devices (hose clamps / springs) in situations where friction may occur during cross or work.

3.bending, use need to bend to avoid anxiousThe bending radius of the product R ≥ (9 ~ 10) D (D is the outer diameter of the hose) The straight line at the joint to the beginning of bending is greater than 6 times the outer diameter of the pipe

4.high pressure hose installation, the use of the installation can not be in a state of tension, to have a certain length

the amount. There is no relative movement at both ends, but also to maintain the relaxation of the hose. When the hose is compressed, it will produce a length.And the diameter of the change, so the tension of the hose under pressure will produce expansion, resulting in reduced strength.

5.the installation process, in the installation process to avoid the distortion of the hose, the hose was slightly reversed, you can

Can reduce its strength or loose joints.

6.hose bending and hose joints should be installed in the same plane to prevent the reverse. In special circumstances, If the hose at both ends of the joints need to be in two different planes, should be installed in the appropriate location of the clip

Divide the hose into two parts so that each part is on the same plane.

7.if the hose configuration in the key components, it is recommended to carry out regular inspection or replacement.


二、High pressure hose life of the important factors:

From the quality point of view the product has not reached the vulcanization, manifestations are less sulfur or sulfur. Produced by the vulcanization did not deal with the product performance will lead to substandard, hose wall thickness is not uniform, the inner layer of a large impact.

Wire braided or wire wound high pressure hose is not in accordance with the production process, weaving angle did not reach 54 degrees 44 points, the wire weaving too tight or too loose, will lead to deformation of the product during use. Poor adhesion of the inner layer is easy to enter the media into the wire layer, so that the adhesive layer of the steel layer and the adhesive layer is insufficient. Poor adhesion of the outer layer will corrode the steel wire.

Our strict production testing, each high-pressure hose factory are strict records to do the record to ensure that the products manufactured and use!


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