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Hose storage life

Oct. 26, 2017

The preservation of the environment, along with the rubber material can change the storage life of the hose, the specific service life is difficult to quantify, because the factors that affect the hose are many. If stored properly, the storage life can reach 3 to 5 years. Over this time, the service life of the hoses will be greatly reduced, depending on the various factors in the storage environment, including:


Temperature: Hose should be stored in a cool and dry place, temperature is not more than + 100 ° F (+ 38 ° C). If the temperature is stored below freezing point, it may need to be preheated before it can be processed, tested and put into use.

Direct sunlight, rain, heater, or close to the electrical equipment

Moisture and ozone

Oil, solvents, corrosive material or flue gas

Insects or rodents


Available space, and whether there is a bend


The hose should be stored in the original container. Don't pile up too high, or its own weight will crush the bottom layer of the hose.


Yatai recommends visual inspection and testing before using long hoses. Hoses judged to be in bad condition should be replaced to avoid failure, property damage or personal injury. The warehouse should be managed according to the principle of first out. Long storage time and poor environment can result in a lower level of hose grade, lower performance and may lead to premature failure.



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