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King Glory II

Jun. 09, 2018

Proleader May Top sales:Penny


We have different expectations about the future, looking forward to serving more customersbreaking through higher performanceenjoying a better life. The road to the championship is long and bumpy. How did you succeed? Let's listen to the champion.

Q: Hello, I'm glad to interview you. How do you feel about winning this month's sales championship?

A: I think my achievement is not only a breakthrough for myself, but also a demonstration of collective strength.

The correct leadership support and encouragement from the companytrust from customersunderstanding from familyhelp from colleaguesa steady working attitude and a lot of enthusiasm, I think that's why we can break through.

Q: how did you get to be a sales champion? are there any tips you can share?

A: actually, I don't have any special skills. I think the most important thing is to communicate sincerely with customers and to establish a good relationship. As a salesperson, you should always think more about your customers under the premise of considering the interests of the company. Compare heart to heart in the customer's point of view to think, so that the customer can see your sincerity. In addition, we should not forget to work hard, work hard and study.

Q: combined with your previous sales experience, what do you think are our superior products?

A: I think it's a lot. YATAI has always respected differentiated marketing, only in the industry to stand out in order to put their own advantages to the maximum. By contrast, I think our color smooth tube, engraved tube, tanker tube, air compressor heat resistant tubing and ordinary line tube have more advantages, customer feedback is also better.

Q: do you have any plans for the next job?

A: if you want to take a crown, you must bear its weight. As a member of the team, I think I should share my method to everyone, take advantage of each other, help each other, progress and grow together.

Thank you for sharing, we will always remember customer first, integrity-oriented, quality-first service purpose. To this end, the YATAI will work together we are on the road.


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