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Automotive Urea Solution Filling Hose - New Product Release

Dec. 19, 2018

Urea for vehicles is an essential product for heavy-duty diesel vehicles to meet the national emission standards.

Vehicle urea refers to a urea aqueous solution having a urea concentration of 32.5% and a solvent of ultrapure water, and the raw materials are urea crystals and ultrapure water. The reducing agent used in the SCR technology is mainly a urea solution for vehicles, and a method of injecting 32.5% (mass fraction) of a misty urea aqueous solution into the exhaust gas to reduce NOX to nitrogen and moisture. Therefore, the diesel engine is assisted by exhaust gas after-treatment technology to control the emission of harmful substances in the diesel engine, which becomes the future development direction of the diesel engine. The key point is the purity of the raw materials. From the production process point of view, although the purity of raw materials for vehicle urea is higher than the demand for general industrial use, the urea urea injection pipe produced by Hengshui Yatai can meet the actual application requirements.

For heavy-duty trucks, passenger cars and other diesel vehicles to meet the national four emission standards, the appropriate SCR system should be selected in the tail gas treatment, and this system must use the urea solution to treat the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.

Therefore, the urea solution for vehicles has become an essential product for heavy trucks and buses to meet the national four emission standards.

National Four emission standards:

Release time: December 30, 2005. It is the national fourth-stage vehicle pollutant emission standard. The pollutants emitted by automobiles mainly include HC (hydrocarbon), NOx (nitrogen oxide), CO (carbon monoxide), PM (fine particles), etc., through better catalytic conversion. The application of technologies such as active layers, secondary air injection and exhaust gas recirculation systems with cooling devices controls and reduces the emission of pollutants from vehicles below the specified values.


In 2013, all new motor vehicles will be fully implemented with the national four emission standards.

In November 2009, based on the implementation of the national four emission standards for the diesel vehicles of the city's light-duty gasoline vehicles, public transport, sanitation and postal systems, all diesel vehicles larger than 3.5 tons will be implemented in the national four emission standards from January 1, 2011. . From July 1st, 2011, all diesel vehicles of less than 3.5 tons will implement the national emission standards to ensure that all new vehicles will be fully implemented on the national four emission standards, and will be issued with a unified national green and yellow environmental protection mark in the annual inspection process, and gradually expand Restricted work on yellow eco-label vehicles.

Pearl River Delta

Taking Zhongshan City as an example, the city stipulated that the “National Four” standard should be fully implemented from September 1st. So before, there was a wave of “National Three” car snapping up and licensing, because if you don’t buy it, you will not sell it. However, Tan Zhaoteng, director of the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Office of the Environmental Monitoring Branch of Zhongshan Environmental Protection Bureau, said in an interview on August 31, 2012 that the oil used in the National Standards was uniformly arranged and configured by the Provincial Economic and Information Committee. Zhongshan has not received it yet. Notice of the specific arrangements for the arrival of oil products.

In Nanjing, according to the regulations, all the national standards will be implemented as of October 1. However, this "standard" seems to be only for automobile manufacturers. According to Jiangsu Sinopec, in the promotion of the national IV gasoline, the gas station has not yet been listed. determine. It is estimated that it is unlikely to be replaced by National IV oil on October 1, 2012.

In Foshan, although the National Standard has been implemented since September 1, the local diesel fuel, which is in line with the “National Four” standard, is not available.

Because of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the national system, the above three cities have taken the lead in implementing the “National Four” standard. However, in September, the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province was implemented.


The method of filling urea for vehicles is similar to the method of adding gasoline. It needs to be extended to the urea cylinder port of the vehicle and then injected. The purpose of this is to prevent the urea in the vehicle from being exposed to the external environment during the filling process. Pollution. To ensure that the vehicle is completely cleaned during the urea filling process, it has a certain impact on the normal use of the car. If the urea used in the car is not sealed and filled at the time of filling, but directly let it open, some dust in the outside world, Even the sundries enter the car urea solution and are added to the car's urea tank. After a long time, the urea tank will be blocked, which is not conducive to the normal use of the car. In order to reduce the pollution of the urea used in the filling process, it is generally used to directly inject into the urea cylinder to increase the pollution of dust and debris. The vehicle urea solution is equipped with a filling pipe, and the car urea solution is filled into the urea tank of the vehicle by using a filling pipe.

Because the urea solution itself has certain corrosive properties, the market includes large-scale domestic and foreign brands, and the urea solution in the hose will have different degrees of discoloration, resulting in a large amount of waste and loss.

Recently, the research and development team led by Bai Xianying, chairman of Hengshui Yatai, has finally overcome this problem after several months of research and testing! ! At present, the urea tube samples have passed the professional testing such as anti-leakage, and customers are welcome to call us at any time!

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