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Overview of application of low temperature resistant hose

Jan. 09, 2019

1. Overview of low temperature resistant hoses

The low temperature resistant hose means that the hose itself can normally transport the fluid medium in a low temperature environment. It means that the outer rubber layer of the hose is not frozen and cracked under low temperature environment, and the rubber layer can transport ultra-low temperature fluid medium such as hydraulic oil and petroleum base oil.

2. Low temperature resistant hose material

The low temperature resistance of rubber hoses is mainly due to the use of special rubber rubber raw materials in the hose production process, as well as the addition of rubber and cold resistant chemical materials. The production of such special composite rubber raw materials requires a high production process. Our low temperature resistant hoses can be as low as -55 °C.

3. Low temperature hose classification

Low temperature resistant hoses are classified according to specific application fields, low temperature resistant hydraulic hoses, low temperature resistant industrial hoses (suction and drainage hoses, exhaust hoses, oil pipes, etc.)

4. Low temperature resistant hose structure

This type of hose has the structure of an inner rubber layer, an outer rubber layer and an intermediate reinforcing layer. The intermediate layer can have a variety of reinforcing layer types, such as steel wire layer, fiber layer) (cotton hose usually uses cotton layer).

5. Application field of low temperature resistant hose

Low temperature resistant hoses are widely used in high latitude countries or regions due to their high cold resistance, such as Iceland, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA (Alaska), Denmark (Greenland), and Northeast China. In addition, the equipment used for low temperature resistant hoses is also widely used, such as sewage treatment machinery, frozen soil construction machinery, and plateau railway maintenance machinery.

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