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Welcome Hot Mom Return

Nov. 15, 2019

The maternity hot mom who has been off for a few months has finally returned!

The colleagues of the 1st team of the sales department of the company are preparing to arrange a welcome party for her, candles, flowers, balloons, etc., giving her a big surprise! Let's take a look at the layout. Everyone takes flowers in hand and gives her a big hug!What a warm picture! ! !


The most exported product of this sales elite is the fuel pipe, which is mainly exported to the US market. There are many long-term cooperation customers. This fuel pipe is suitable for conveying gasoline, EN85 gasoline, diesel oil, engine oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, and lubricating oil. Medium oils are widely used in fuel systems such as construction machinery, automobiles, and internal combustion engines.

The hose structure:

Inner glue: CR

Reinforcement layer: a layer of fiber line

External glue: NBR

The implementation of standards:

More than SAE J30 R6, & SAE J30 R7,

The fuel itself is dangerous, so take extra care to make sure you choose the right fuel hose solution for your application. If you have any questions about the pressure rating, temperature, etc. of the application, please consult our technical sales team.

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Salesmanager: Alice Kuang

TEL/Whatsapp: +86 15603187125

E-mail: alice@chnhose.com

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