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Can the exhibition be played like this? --Online cloud exhibition, live broadcast waiting for you

May. 29, 2020

With the spread of the global epidemic and rapid changes in international trade, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce has achieved accurate docking with Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, India, Sri Lanka and other countries to help enterprises solve problems, broaden sales channels, and help foreign trade Involved in many online export fairs for textiles and clothing, epidemic prevention materials, auto parts, building materials, etc. To stabilize foreign trade, catch orders and expand channels.

Exhibition time: June 1st-June 5th, 2020

Exhibition location: Zoom online conference platform

Exhibition scale: 80 exhibitors

Exhibiting products:

1. PTFE Hose


It Widely uses in machinery, electronic appliances, automobiles, aerospace, chemical, computer, electric heating, military, communications and other important technology industries, such as micro-transformers.

2.Air Conditioning Hose


It widely uses in the air conditioning system of various trucks, cars and engineering vehicles.

3.Radiator Hose


It uses in cooling system for ground vehicles

4.Brake Hose


The parts used in the automobile brake system, its main role is to transfer the brake medium in the automobile brake, to ensure that the braking force is transmitted to the automobile brake shoe or brake caliper to produce the braking force, so that the brake is effective at any time .

5.Power Steering Hose


It uses for power steering system of various automobiles, multi-functional commercial vehicles, light vehicles and other vehicles.

6.Fuel Hose


It uses in transporting gasoline, diesel, oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil and lubricants and other related oils, widely used in engineering machinery, automobiles, internal combustion engines and other fuel systems.



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