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The momentum is like a broken bamboo, the decisive battle is promoted. The golden egg breaks its shell, surprises constantly.

Sep. 09, 2020


With the development of world economic globalization, the world economic situation is also changing, from the traditional real economy to the network economy. Compared with the traditional real economy, the network economy has lower restrictions on trading hours and trading venues, and has a very important impact on the international economy and trade. September Purchasing Festival, let us sell to the world!

Hengshui Yatai Special Rubber Products Co., Ltd. speaks with quality, relies on strength to rule the roost, and relies on category to win. The company's products are widely used in construction machinery, shipbuilding, coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, construction and transportation industries. Not only that, the company can also customize processing according to customer needs. Our aim is to provide hose delivery solutions to customers worldwide. Based on the principle of fast, accurate and stable, to meet customer requirements, rely on quality to build reputation.

Last week, our company’s event of smashing golden eggs to win prizes has kicked off. In just one week, the prizes broke out. There are very few golden eggs left. Every time someone smashes a golden egg, others will vowed to say the next one. It must be yours. It is conceivable how motivated our salespersons are, and hitting the golden eggs has become our daily goal. The golden eggs are tempting, but from this we can see the quality of the company’s products. What we get is not only prizes, but also It is the affirmation of customers. I don't know who will put the "egg" next? let us wait and see!

YATAI’s Hot Sale Products

*Auto hose: Fuel Hose SAE J30Air conditioning hose SAE J2064Power steering hose SAE J188Ptfe Hose SAE 100 R14Radiator Hose SAE J20Silicone hoseE85 Fuel Hose

*Special HoseFuel dispenser hose(EN 1360)Urea solution hose for vehiclesHigh pressure washer hoseSAE 100 R5 hoseAir compressor hoseSteam hoseMultifunctional chemical hoseCNG & LPG hoseFIRE SUPPRESSION HOSEThreading hose

*Wire braided hoseEN853 1SN/2SN  SAE R1 AT/R2 ATEN 857 1SC 2SCSAE100 R16/R17                                     

*Wire spiral hoseEN 856 4SPEN 856 4SHSAE 100 R12R13 R15Rubber drilling hose

*Industrial hoseOil suction hose SAE 100 R4Compressed air hose, Water hose

*Hose fittingsSwaged Hose Fittinglnterlock FittingReusable Hose FittingOne Piece Hose FittingAdapterFerrule

*Hose assembly


Yatai factory directly supplies all kinds of hoses, using rubber imported from South Korea, with a rubber content of more than 45%, and can provide a one-year warranty. YATAI's professional technical R&D team continuously improves product quality, and the professional service team provides you with professional choices. Please contact us for details!


Contact us: Alana Liu(Sales manager)


Tel number: +86 15603181872(whastapp & wechat)



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